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Aloha Japanese Travel Professional!

TTS is a wholesaler of various transportation related optional tours customized for the Japanese FIT market. TTS currently deals only with Japanese travel agencies, and does not sell tours directly to the consumer.

The FIT based tours are designed with Oahu being the hub and scheduled pick-ups are only based on hotels in Waikiki. We use Polynesian Hospitality vehicles on the majority of our tours. Polynesian Hospitality and its partner carriers offer great service to its passengers on clean, well maintained, air-conditioned vans, mini-coaches, and full size motor coaches. All of the equipment are radio dispatched and have a public address system and some even have video and karaoke equipment.

Each island has equipment with wheelchair lifts that are ADA compliant but 48 hours prior notice is required due to scheduling and the limited number of vehicles. So please, if your clientele needs the assistance, inform our professional sales staff early.



Proud member of the Hawaii Tourism Association, JHTA, NFIB, NACM, SKAL.

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